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Michelin Force XC Tire - 29in

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Price: $64.99 Buy Michelin Force XC Tire - 29in
Michelin Force XC Tire - 29in
Michelin Force XC Tire - 29in description:
Run the Michelin Force XC 29in Tire when you desire fast-rolling efficiency, lightweight agility, and cornering traction for hardpack trails and cross-country courses. This cross-country tire offers a superb balance of lightweight efficiency and high-density reinforcement from pesky flats and small punctures. Michelin's GumX 3D tread places a softer compound along the side knobs for sticky grip when you're leaning into corners, with a harder center compound for decreased rolling resistance and greater tread longevity. The GumX tread excels across technical XC courses where extra grip is needed to crush over rock gardens and bumpy root sections, also suiting trail riders seeking a fast-rolling tire for dry conditions. Although the Cross Shield casing is lightweight enough for competitive XC use, it's still protected from sidewall slashes and punctures with a high-density reinforcement ply. The Force XC readily seals up in tubeless form, giving you the ability to run a lower pressure for greater bump compliance and traction.

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