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Michelin Wild Race'r Enduro Rear Tire - 27.5in

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Price: $70.99 Buy Michelin Wild Race'r Enduro Rear Tire - 27.5in
Michelin Wild Race'r Enduro Rear Tire - 27.5in
Michelin Wild Race'r Enduro Rear Tire - 27.5in description:
When you're cleaning up your enduro rig in anticipation of summer weekend trips to dry, desert singletrack, we'd suggest you treat your hardworking bike to Michelin's 27. 5in Wild Race'r Enduro Rear Tire. By introducing such a strong rear-specific, dry condition tire, Michelin gives a nod to its past, and perhaps its future, as the reigning tire manufacturer of the mountain bike industry, showing that it's paying attention to and prepared to meet the demands of the destructive enduro set. Michelin crafts the Wild Race'r as a rear-specific tire, counting on specific construction features to create a tire with confidence-inspiring control and consistency rather than just relying on a firmer rubber and broad, hyperbolic generalizations. Though the Wild Race'r isn't a brand new name from Michelin, this year's version delivers a redesigned tread pattern and carcass. Michelin trusts its Gum-X rubber compound to construct the Wild Race'r, shaping the redesigned knobs along the central column of the tire to sit flush with the dirt. It manages to strike a balance between ensuring the knobs provide grip, without so much that they compromise your quickness and ability to dice through challenging, technical lines. Along the outside of the tire, 90-degree braking edges give you peace of mind while scrubbing speed, lending the velocity-hungry tire consistent control whether you're descending or taking advantage of its nimbleness and inclination to go fast over cracked earth on long, dusty climbs.

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