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Michelin Cyclocross Jet S Tire - Clincher

item #MIC004W
Price: $54.99 Buy Michelin Cyclocross Jet S Tire - Clincher
Michelin Cyclocross Jet S Tire - Clincher
Michelin Cyclocross Jet S Tire - Clincher description:
With the flood of cyclocross tires bursting onto the market over the past few years, it's easy to get overwhelmed with options in the search for that perfect race model. When the going gets dusty and hard packed, look no further than the Michelin Cyclocross Jet S Clincher Tire. Long known as a staple in the cyclocross world, previous versions of the Jet S have been tearing up local and international courses since cyclocross was just a little niche sport for roadies who needed something to do in the fall. The Jet S features low-profile directional tread across the center of the tire that rolls fast and efficiently while providing sure grip during accelerations and steep power climbs. Beefier knobs at the edges sit at the ready to dig in and grab through corners and loose sections for confident handling through dry, technical courses.

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