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Magura USA MT8 Next Disc Brake

item #MGR002H
Price: $285.00 Buy Magura USA MT8 Next Disc Brake
Magura USA MT8 Next Disc Brake
Magura USA MT8 Next Disc Brake description:
It seems like quite the oxymoron, but good brakes allow you to ride faster. The Magura MT8 Next brake does this, all the while keeping your trail shredder at its optimal fighting weight. Sure it's a good chunk of change for a brake system but Magura packs some amazing construction in superlight carbon fiber, modulation that verges on surgical precision, enough stopping power to halt a Greyhound bus, and tool-free adjustability to setup the levers so you're always in full control. Magura's five-year warranty and renowned bombproof durability allow you to charge down the mountain that much harder with the confidence of knowing that the MT8 Next brakes can effectively scrub speed for late braking in steep, sinuous singletrack.The MT8 Next's stopping power is plenty strong for trail and all-mountain applications, but the insane weight makes it a strong contender for XC racing. A single lever and caliper weighs just 299g, the lightest in the lineup. Magura's use of its proprietary Carbolay carbon-fiber for the levers and clamps, and the master cylinder from CarboTecture SL, which is even lighter and stronger, keeps the weight low and sacrifices nothing to durability. We often hear stories of crashes that snapped handlebars but left MT8s totally unscathed so the durability is the real deal. Radial mount master cylinders and lever pivots positioned 20mm closer to the bars provides increased leverage for power and sensitivity needed for modulation.Most of the MT8 is carbon, but the calipers themselves are made of forged aluminum for reliability, durability, and heat displacement. A banjo bolt allows an optimal angle of the hose to the caliper so installation on bikes with internal routing isn't a headache. The bleed plug is reinforced and the brake pads are top-loading and held in place with the magnetiXchange brake pistons so they are super easy to swap out when the time comes. The system comes pre-bled, so all you have to do is mount it up and hit the trail. Please n...

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