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Magura USA 7.C Disc Brake Pad

item #MGR002A
Price: $28.00 Buy Magura USA 7.C Disc Brake Pad
Magura USA 7.C Disc Brake Pad
Magura USA 7.C Disc Brake Pad description:
You could ride smooth, undulating flow trails all day long with your all-mountain bike, absorbing rollers and leaning through berms with precision over all-out speed. While your ride buddies hoot and holler up ahead, sailing over the handlebars when a rock garden proves more technical than expected, you'd rather finish a few seconds behind with the cleaner line. When your brake pads need replacing, skip straight past metallic for the Magura 7. C Disc Brake Pad. Compatible with MT2, MT4, MT6, and MT8 disc brakes, the 7. C's Comfort organic compound will keep your slow-downs subtle, prioritizing gradual modulation over drastic speed dumps that leave you swerving off-trail.

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