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Magura USA MT5 Next

item #MGR001J
Price: $200.00 Buy Magura USA MT5 Next
Magura USA MT5 Next
Magura USA MT5 Next description:
While the Magura MT5 Next Brakes are technically an all-new version of the MT brake series (previously there were only even-numbered MTs), the platform's been around long enough to earn its standing as one of the best all-around braking systems on the market. The MT5 gets some notable improvements over the MT4, making it an even better option for not much more money. But first, let's look at what makes the "Next" MT brakes so great. The original MT was scrutinized top to bottom in the redesign to determine the most appropriate features per model. The MT5's master cylinder housing, piston, and handlebar clamp are made from CarboTecture SL injection-molded carbon fiber, stronger and lighter than the company's already-revolutionary CarboTecture material used on the MT4 and MT2 brakes. The master cylinder also retains its radial (perpendicular to the handlebar) configuration, because that affords the best modulation and sensitivity for the lever. The hardware of the lever pivot, however, has been simplified to improve reliability, reduce weight, and it's been moved 20mm closer to the handlebar, increasing leverage for even greater feel and control. Like the MT4, the MT5 gets an alloy brake lever, as opposed to the MT2's composite one. The MT's calipers saw revisions as well. The primary upgrade the MT5 receives over the MT4 is the four-piston caliper, as opposed to the MT4's two pistons. Like the 4, however, the caliper is forged, as opposed to the entry-level MT2's die-cast construction, making the metal more dense for increased rigidity and responsiveness. Like all the Next calipers, its one-piece construction has been both lightened and enlarged to increase stiffness and heat dissipation for still greater control, and the four-piston design improves this even further over the two-piston format of the MT2 and MT4. The MT5's brake pads are top-loaded, too, for easy swapping, and any previous MT brake pads will work with the new calipers, but for the Next series, M...

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