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Magura USA Quick Mount Adapter

item #MGR000A
Price: $10.00 Buy Magura USA Quick Mount Adapter
Magura USA Quick Mount Adapter
Magura USA Quick Mount Adapter description:
Unless you're attaching your Magura brake to a 160mm post mount on your fork, you'll need a Quick Mount Adapter, known by the initialism QM. Magura decided with the proliferation of choices available to riders, it makes the most sense to provide the brakes without brackets and have the customer choose the right bracket(s). Below you'll find a guide to determine which is right for you. Happy hunting and safe stopping. QM5 bracket -- 203mm rotor, front IS mountQM7 bracket -- 203mm rotor, front post mount, two-pistonQM8 bracket -- 203mm rotor, RockShox BoXXerQM9 bracket -- 203mm rotor, rear IS mountQM10 bracket -- 180mm rotor, rear IS mount, two-pistonQM11 bracket -- 160mm rotor, front IS mount or 203mm rotor, front IS 203mm mounts, FOX 40QM12 bracket -- 180mm rotor, front IS mount or 160mm rotor, rear IS mountQM20 bracket -- Replaced by QM40QM40 bracket -- 180mm rotor, post mountQM41 bracket -- 180mm, rear IS mount, four-pistonQM42 bracket -- 203mm, post mount, four-piston

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