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Metolius Supercam Package

item #MET001W
Price: $229.99 Buy Metolius Supercam Package
Metolius Supercam Package
Metolius Supercam Package description:
Each Supercam in this Metolius Package has twice the placement range than standard cams, thereby adding six placement ranges to your trad climbing quiver. Not only do the asymmetric lobes extend placement ranges, they also provide more stability that the standard symmetric design. Wider cam faces and an optimized camming angle give the Supercam a superior performance on softer rock like sandstone. Metolius also equipped each Supercam with a range finder that helps beginners see the difference between a secure placement and a not-so-secure one. Radical new spring technology works with the U-shaped body for unparalleled control while placing and cleaning. Machined cam stops help the Supercam act as a stopper for versatile protection, and the Kevlar triggers stay strong when you need to fish out over-cammed pieces with a nut tool.

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