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Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5+

item #MCW000O
Price: $999.99 Buy Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5+
Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5+
Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5+ description:
The recent influx of 29er steeds imbued with the versatility to run 27. 5+ wheels in the off season has opened up a new expectation for after-market, plus-sized carbon--not to mention the ever-expanding options dedicated to 3in tires. Mercury Wheels is answering the call with its X1 Carbon 27. 5+ Boost Wheelset. Compared to the standard X1, the plus version bumps up the width by a massive 9mm to accommodate the extra volume of plus-sized tires. This platform allows those big tires to take on an ideal shape so riders can make full use of the increased contact patch, grippy cornering, and smooth plushness inherent in plusness. Like the X1, the X1 Plus rims are built with a hookless bead, which makes the rim-to-tire bead connection more reliable for tubeless setups than traditional hooked designs. Burping and tire blow-offs are actually more common with hooked rims, and the hookless models demonstrate improved tire retention on-trail. By eliminating the ridge of material constituting the hook, hookless beads also enjoy increased structural integrity and durability to better weather rough terrain. We've found that mounting some tire brands can be a little tricky, but once they're on, the bead holds a tubeless setup as confidently as any other manufacturer's.

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