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Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Enduro Boost Wheelset - 29in

item #MCW000N
Price: $999.99 Buy Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Enduro Boost Wheelset - 29in
Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Enduro Boost Wheelset - 29in
Mercury Wheels X1 Carbon Enduro Boost Wheelset - 29in description:
Few things can ruin a ride faster than a slow, floppy set of 29in hoops, and Mercury Wheels delivers the snappy ride you're looking for with its X1 Carbon Enduro 29in Boost Wheelset. Featuring stiff carbon rims and beefy Boost axle widths, this wheelset tracks precisely across technical terrain and responds in a flash on climbs. Whether your day includes loose, hard, or chunky trails, the X1 carbon will go exactly where you point them without any hesitation. The rims are fashioned with a hookless bead for a reliable rim-to-tire bead connection. In comparison to traditional hooked rims, and the hookless models demonstrate improved tire retention on-trail, minimizing burping and blow-offs. By eliminating the ridge of material constituting the hook, hookless beads also enjoy increased structural integrity--a definite plus when you consider the X1 Carbon is built for the big hits of enduro and all-mountain riding. We have found that mounting some tire brands can be a little tricky, but once they're on, the bead holds a tubeless setup as reliably as any other manufacturer's. Finally, those stiff carbon rims are laced to Mercury's own hubs by 28 spokes. Before we get into the details on the spoke count, it bears mentioning that the weight bearing threads are laced in a two-cross pattern, which further increases stiffness for sharper mashing and tracking. Stiffness is already guaranteed with a carbon rim, though, which is one reason why we aren't sorry to trade the additional (and unnecessary) stiffness of a 32 spoke build for the lower weight of 28 spokes. Mercury drills their spoke holes post-rim production, and fewer spoke holes mean less drilling and, ultimately, a more structurally sound rim.

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