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Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack

item #MCI0004
Price: $194.95 Buy Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack
Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack
Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack description:
Designed with commuters and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Millican Smith 25L Roll Laptop Backpack is a tough, weather-resistant bag with a vintage look. It's also consciously-crafted to ensure equal levels of quality and sustainable design by using smart construction and eco-friendly materials. One of the easiest ways to increase sustainability is to simply make the things last longer, so Millican built this pack with a burly canvas fabric and minimal seam design to ensure durability. The fabric is a blend of natural cotton and recycled polyester that's less wasteful, and strong, lightweight aluminum buckles negate the need for plastics. Millican also impregnated the fabric with paraffin wax, rather than coated it, in order to reduce weight and give the fabric a tactile feel.

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