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Mavic Crossride Helmet - Women's

item #MAV00FT
Price: $99.95 Buy Mavic Crossride Helmet - Women's
Mavic Crossride Helmet - Women's
Mavic Crossride Helmet - Women's description:
The Women's Crossride Helmet may not be the featheriest of Mavic's helmet line, but it strikes an ideal blend of protection, weight, and affordable cost that makes getting out onto the trails a little bit easier on our bank accounts. Its removable visor and extended coverage check off necessary off-road details, with an aesthetic that's as cool as it is protective.Comfort doesn't take a hit at the expense of cost, either. Mavic conducted cranial mapping tests to ensure that its helmets closely match typical head shapes to provide a comfortable fit for a wide range of riders. It also identified the not-so-obvious pressure points and contours, so the Crossride Helmet flows across your skull while you're flowing through your local loops.

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