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Mavic Crossmax Pro WTS 27.5in Wheel

item #MAV00FA
Price: $529.95
Sale Price: $423.96
Buy Mavic Crossmax Pro WTS 27.5in Wheel
Mavic Crossmax Pro WTS 27.5in Wheel
Mavic Crossmax Pro WTS 27.5in Wheel description:
With all the shiny new materials and blingy logos adorning our newsfeeds as of late, it's easy to forget that aluminum once was king and has steadfastly held its own as many other materials rose and fell by the wayside. Add in Mavic's legendary ability to work magic with aluminum to create lightning fast and nearly bombproof wheelsets, and you get the Crossmax Pro WTS 27. 5in Wheel. Boasting lightweight responsiveness and renowned durability, this race-ready wheel lands at a price point that pales in comparison to its carbon fiber couterparts. The feature that sets the Pro apart from Mavic's other Crossmax offerings is the inclusion of Zicral spokes. Most spokes of the knobby tire persuasion are steel, which is reliable but heavy and fairly elastic. Zicral is Mavic's secret weapon, and plays a huge part in the Pro's trail presence. Stiffer, lighter, and stronger than steel, Zicral represents Mavic's road-race A game adapted for the XC world. The trade-off is a slightly harsher ride, but lower-than-clincher tubeless PSI tolerances balance that out with a bit of extra cushion. Shaping the rim, Mavic's Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions (ISM 4D) process is the newest version of its signature milling process that removes unnecessary material to eliminate grams and reduce rotational mass along the wheel's circumference. The OG ISM limited milling to the rim's inner face. It's successor, ISM 3D, expanded its attention to the sidewalls, and ISM 4D takes things a step further, smoothing the rim's transitional angles to further reduce weight without sacrificing strength. While Mavic's ISM 4D keeps rotating weight low, the Instant Transfer System 4 (ITS-4) rear hub ensures that efficiency isn't wasted by sluggish, unresponsive engagement. IST-4 is a four pawl system that alternates engagement between two pairs of pawls. Since both pairs engage at different points in the freehub's rotation, the gap between engagement points falls to just 7. 5 degrees of free play. This sn...

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