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Mavic Crossmax Elite WTS 29in Wheel

item #MAV00F6
Price: $304.95 Buy Mavic Crossmax Elite WTS 29in Wheel
Mavic Crossmax Elite WTS 29in Wheel
Mavic Crossmax Elite WTS 29in Wheel description:
Snap up to speed off the line and shred technical lines with the Mavic Crossmax Elite WTS 29in Wheel. Featuring Mavic's legendary durability and incorporating its Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions process, this wheel's lightweight rim minimizes rotating weight without compromising strength. ISM 4D represents the latest iteration of one of Mavic's signature design pieces: milling the unnecessary material from a rim to eliminate grams and reduce rotational mass along the wheel's circumference. The original ISM was limited to the rim's inner face. It's successor, ISM 3D, expanded that treatment to the sidewalls. ISM 4D goes a step further, smoothing the rim's transitional angles as much as possible while maintain the rim's structural integrity. The net result is a 15% reduction in claimed weight without a corresponding penalty to stiffness or durability, and it also increases the rim's aerodynamics by minimalizing potential footholds for the wind. By reducing resistance from inertia and air, ISM 4D wages a two-pronged campaign against the most pernicious foes of forward motion. While Mavic's ISM 4D is responsible for keeping rim weight low, the Instant Transfer System 4 (ITS-4) rear hub ensures that all that efficiency isn't wasted by sluggish, unresponsive engagement. IST-4 is a four pawl system that alternates engagement between two pairs of pawls. Since both pairs engage at different points in the freehub's rotation, the gap between engagement points falls to just 7. 5 degrees of free play. This lightning fast engagement is notable for sprinting out of corners and surging for position in mass starts, and it really shines on technical climbs that require you to pick through trail furniture and pop over rock ledges. It's hard enough navigating this kind of terrain as it is, so the extra precision is much appreciated. The sharp engagement angle is further complemented by the stiff, 17mm monoblonc axle, which tapers down to 12mm to take advantage of the new, more...

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