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Mavic Crossmax Charge XL Tire - 29in

item #MAV00BO
Price: $89.95 Buy Mavic Crossmax Charge XL Tire - 29in
Mavic Crossmax Charge XL Tire - 29in
Mavic Crossmax Charge XL Tire - 29in description:
All-mountain riding should be exactly that: all of the terrain on a given mountain. Mavic's front-specific Crossmax Charge XL 29in Tire is built towards that end, combining a soft compound with a durometer of 40 with a low-weight, high-strength, two-ply casing for a tire that holds onto slick roots and rocky switchbacks on descents without weighing you down on climbs. Its low weight is further reduced if it's run tubeless, a design that, when sealant, tape, and a valve are taken into account, can actually add weight for road setups; however, any mountain goat will do almost anything to get rid of the huge, heavy tubes required for knobby tires. The Crossmax Charge XL is a front-specific tire designed to pair with a Crossmax Quest XL out back.

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