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Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27.5in Wheelset

item #MAV008Z
Price: $999.99
Sale Price: $859.95
Buy Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27.5in Wheelset
Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27.5in Wheelset
Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27.5in Wheelset description:
Ultralight carbon rims roll fast, that's for sure, but all that speed is for naught if they taco halfway through a race and leave you carrying your bike. Mavic's XC race wheelset, the Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27. 5, is made of aluminum instead of carbon for better durability, and it saves weight by using a special milling process instead of fancy but delicate materials. The Inter-Spoke Milling Four Dimensions (ISM 4D) process, which removes as much material from key areas as possible without affecting structural stability, keeps the weight of the SL Pro down to near-carbon levels, so you can clean techy climbs and then blast down steep descents with serious confidence. A light and fast wheel needs to be paired with an efficient hub or it's all for naught. As the name implies, Mavic's Instant Transfer System (ITS 4) hub keeps play to just 7. 5 degrees, so the SL Pro will start to move almost as soon as your legs do--a huge boost on tight and technical climbs. Mavic ships the SL Pro with Crossmax Pulse tires, too, so you'll be ready to crush hardpack and damp trails right off the bat.

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