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Mavic Aksium Gloves - Men's

item #MAV007G
Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $17.97
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Mavic Aksium Gloves - Men's
Mavic Aksium Gloves - Men's description:
Rough roads and hot weather can take a toll on your hands, as well as the rest of you, so Mavic's Aksium Men's Gloves can really come in handy. They sport plenty of EVA foam palm padding to absorb vibration from chipseal, gravel, and generally raggedy roads, and feature a stretch mesh upper to increase breathability and cooling while providing a snug and secure fit. The palm itself is made from Clarino synthetic leather, which is tough, flexible, and lightweight, and Mavic finished the Aksium off with a terry thumb panel for nose wiping and glasses cleaning, and stitched on a hook-and-loop cuff closure to keep out dust and pebbles.

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