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Marmot Empire 30L Backpack

item #MAR018Z
Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $46.72
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Marmot Empire 30L Backpack
Marmot Empire 30L Backpack description:
You'er down to your last year of school and the last thing you want to be in unprepared for your last first day of class. That's why you have the Marmot Empire 30L Backpack to make sure all of your schooling essentials are where they need to me so you can sleep in as late as possible before having to go to class tomorrow. With the Empire's front flap pocket, you can stuff in any extra snacks or notecards on the go. You will also always be able to have both your water bottle and your coffee cup on you at all times since this pack has two bottle pockets. And don't even think about your laptop and tablet getting banged around. The padded pockets in the Empire will keep all your essentials safe so getting through the day will be a breeze.

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