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Marmot Midpines Tent: 6-Person 3-Season

item #MAR014K
Price: $378.95 Buy Marmot Midpines Tent: 6-Person 3-Season
Marmot Midpines Tent: 6-Person 3-Season
Marmot Midpines Tent: 6-Person 3-Season description:
If you've ever attempted to pack more than five people into a three person tent, then you've probably experienced what one might call "claustrophobia." The best remedy for such a malady is the Marmot Midpines 6-Person 3-Season Tent. This generously sized tent easily accommodates six people, making it ideal for lengthy camping trips with friends or family. The Midpines is equipped with a substantial, singular door opening, so if you're the kind of person who has to get up and use the bathroom multiple times in an evening, you're probably better off sleeping close to the door as to avoid waking any sleeping beauties. Though, as you exit the tent, make sure you tread lightly and don't let the large vestibule door slam behind you (or trip over any packs for that matter). And thanks to the multiple reflective points, you're able to scurry back to the tent without having to worry about tripping over guylines and causing a general ruckus. Once you're back inside the tent, a multiple vents provide passive temperature regulation and discourage the build-up of multiple people's body odor from offending your good night's rest. Not to mention, a multiplicity of pockets offer quick refuge for headlamps, wallets, or earplugs should you have a snoring troll among the ranks.

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