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Mammut Rider Chalk Bag

item #MAM00T7
Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $14.96
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Mammut Rider Chalk Bag
Mammut Rider Chalk Bag description:
Mammut made its Rider Chalk Bag out of Cordura to keep it strong and resilient while you fight your way to the tops of crags, mountains, and peaks. Its thick fleece lining is sure to give you all the chalk you need for a dry, secure grip on holds. The drawcord closure keeps it tightly closed so chalk doesn't snow down on your belayer, and two suspension points give you a secure fit when you pair this bag with the included waistband. A handy brush holder makes it easy for you clean up any over-chalked hold, and the zippered compartment stores your tape so you don't have to finish the rest of multipitches with torn-up fingers for lack of protection.

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