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Mammut Ophir 4 Slide Harness - Men's

item #MAM003L
Price: $69.95 Buy Mammut Ophir 4 Slide Harness - Men's
Mammut Ophir 4 Slide Harness - Men's
Mammut Ophir 4 Slide Harness - Men's description:
The highly versatile Mammut Men's Ophir 4 Slide Harness brings the comfort without the weight for trad, sport, gym, and multipitch climbers. Split Webbing technology separates the harness's webbing into two strands that ride over and under your hips in order to reduce weight, increase ventilation, and decrease the necessity of padding, without hindering your comfort or safety. Four Slid Bloc buckles provide the ideal fit for a wide range of users in case your buddy wants to borrow the harness for a weekend. Mammut also equipped this harness with four gear loops for convenient organization, a tie-in protector for excellent longevity, a drop seat buckle for bathroom breaks, and a high-strength haul loop. It's incredible to think that all these features only add up to less than a pound.

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