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Mammut Neon Crag 28L Backpack

item #MAM000H
Price: $99.95 Buy Mammut Neon Crag 28L Backpack
Mammut Neon Crag 28L Backpack
Mammut Neon Crag 28L Backpack description:
Them thar crags aren't going to climb themselves, pardner, so you'd best load up your trusty draws in the Mammut Neon Crag 28 Backpack and git to clippin'. The Crag has a V-Cut top that opens wider'n a rattlesnake's jaws, and a Contact Vent suspension system that carries easier than a passel of saddlebags slung over Ol' Maude's back--it's cooler than a shady waterin' hole, too, courtesy of air channels in the 3D EVA foam back panel. If you're traveling light, cinch down the compression straps to comfortably carry your load, and clip your six-shooter to the hip belt gear loops for easy access, because you never know when dinner'll wander across your path.

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