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Mad Alchemy Non-Warming Pre-Ride Oil

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Mad Alchemy Non-Warming Pre-Ride Oil
Mad Alchemy Non-Warming Pre-Ride Oil description:
Oiling your legs is a time honored way to keep them warm in cool or wet conditions by creating a barrier between your skin and the weather. When we were new at this, we used mineral oil until we realized it would degrade the materials in our precious shorts. The shorts weren't particularly special, but as we only owned two pair and rode every day, the thought of hastening their demise was a fright. We're happy to report that Mad Alchemy Non-Warming Pre-Ride Oil has no petroleum products in it. Non-Warming Pre-Ride Oil is a mix of all natural essential oils that goes on thin, spreads easily, and adheres well to the skin. Its eucalyptus scent with minty tones will call your nostrils to attention without overwhelming them, and there's a slight tingle when the oil is rubbed into your skin. The result is an aesthetically pleasing shine on your legs whether they're smooth or hirsute; and if the latter, the oil will not clump or tangle the leg hairs you've cultivated for winter insulation. The Mad Alchemy Non-Warming Pre-Ride Oil can be worn on bare legs or under tights and comes in a bottle that contains 3 ounces of the solution.

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