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Lizard Skins DSP Grip 32.3mm

item #LZS000B
Price: $30.00 Buy Lizard Skins DSP Grip 32.3mm
Lizard Skins DSP Grip 32.3mm
Lizard Skins DSP Grip 32.3mm description:
Lizard Skins' DSP 32. 3mm is the luxury version of this innovative grip, as its two millimeters thicker than the 30. 3mm model for added cushion. And, like the thinner version, it uses a unique tape technology to securely attach the ultra-light DSP grip to handlebars. It takes a matter of seconds to apply the tape and slide the grips on, the only thing you need is window cleaner that's used much like the classic hairspray approach. And, like hairspray, you need to wait for it to dry before riding. Lizard Skins attachment isn't the only innovative feature of the DSP grips. Their exclusive DuraSoft Polymer provides an unmatched level of shock absorption and control. The Lizard Skins DSP 32. 3mm Grips come in eight colors and are 130mm wide.

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