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Lazer Z1 Lifebeam Helmet

item #LZR001H
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Lazer Z1 Lifebeam Helmet
Lazer Z1 Lifebeam Helmet description:
The Lazer Z1 Lifebeam Helmet has two very large plusses going for it. First, the Z1 is probably the most "Euro" helmet in our catalog. Second, we're shipping it as a package that includes the Z1 and an integrated Lifebeam heart rate monitor. We can't really support claims for the helmet's Euro-ness with any empirical evidence (it just feels Euro), but the included sensor system is backed by partner-company Lifebeam's pedigree in keeping tabs on vital signs. Since this pedigree involves monitoring jet pilots and astronauts experiencing stress levels that are often literally out of this world, the company is more than capable of handling the relatively modest hardships of a bike race. Lifebeam builds its optical heart rate sensor into a Z1 forehead pad, so it integrates cleanly with Lazer's peloton-proven, top-tier racing helmet. The sensor does require skin contact, so any headwear that comes between your brow and the helmet's padding array would also interfere with monitoring. A transmitter out back communicates the sensor's findings from head to head unit via Bluetooth 4. 0 and ANT+--the ubiquity of which means it's likely compatible with your current cockpit brain. As mentioned above, the helmet itself is Lazer's peloton-grade model, and it's seen plenty of stage wins atop the heads of Lotto Soudal's climbers and sprinters alike, proving that it's an all-purpose model in the increasingly specialized field of cycling helmets. The generous vents and classic ABS/polycarbonate shell construction strike the standard notes of low weight and high ventilation that we expect from a helmet. Lazer's Rigidity Brace System (RBS), Advance Rollsys System (ARS), and T-Pro design ensure that those qualities don't come with a tax on the helmet's protective abilities. RBS is the helmet equivalent of a roll cage, and the T-Pro design extends that protection to your temples without obstructing your field of vision while you're tucked in on long descents. You know, the descents we...

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