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Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND 60-70L Backpack - Women's

item #LWA001E
Price: $189.95
Sale Price: $151.96
Buy Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND 60-70L Backpack - Women's
Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND 60-70L Backpack - Women's
Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND 60-70L Backpack - Women's description:
You don't go to the mountains to walk paved paths with handrails and interpretive signs--you'd rather explore rarely walked wilderness trails, summit remote peaks, and drink from crystal clear alpine springs, but you'll need the Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND 60:70 Women's Backpack to get there. Spacious, comfortable, and equipped to handle just about any backcountry foray, the Cholatse ND is more than capable of carrying all the gear you need to access the places you actually want to be.Lowe Alpine re-tooled the Cholatse with a breathable Air Mesh back panel and made the back length easily adjustable, so you can dial in the perfect fit--pair that with the women's-specific design and you'll feel like the Cholatse was custom built to fit your frame. An adaptive fit hipbelt increases support and helps keep the weight of the pack on your hips, while soft contact mesh at the waist and shoulders keeps the pack comfortable in those occasionally uncomfortable areas. Being one of the largest offerings in the Cholatse line, the ND 60:70 features a height-adjustable lid for those gear-intensive trips, and has large front-panel access, making it easy to find buried layers and food throughout the day. An integrated rain cover can be quickly pulled over the pack when you get caught in a shower, and multiple pockets on the top, side, and belt of the pack give you plenty of spots to stash your maps, snacks, and sunscreen.

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