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Light & Motion Urban 700 Light

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Light & Motion Urban 700 Light
Light & Motion Urban 700 Light description:
Urban commuting requires a light system that's easy-to-use and easy to see with. And since the Light and Motion Urban 700 Light is engineered specifically for the demands of commuters, that's exactly what you'll get. And in addition to putting out more light than any previous Urban series light, the system weighs in at a feathery 112 grams. Additionally, it's easy to remove if you're locking your bike outside. You may have figured from the name that the Urban 700 puts out 700 lumens of bright, clean light -- that's pretty bright. In fact, it's so bright that there are three lower output settings as well. Accordingly, the lower-settings increase the battery life of the Urban. For example, while the full 700 lumens may be exactly what you need when it's pitch black, you'll find plenty of situations where the lower output settings will provide all of the visibility that you need. At 700 lumens, the Urban provides a hour-and-a-half of run time off of a full charge. The medium setting puts out 300 lumens for three hours, and the low setting yields 175 lumens for six hours. The purpose of an 'urban' light is to be seen by drivers, and to those ends, L&M has updated the light profile of the Urban series in order to put out a full 180 degrees of peripheral light. Of course, the Urban still maintains the bright center beam that's made this line so popular. But, if you're commuting, being seen around dusk and dawn is also necessary -- even if illuminating your way isn't. And for those rides, you're able to use a 175 lumen pulse setting, which keeps the light blinking for nine hours. The Urban is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery. In combination with its aluminum body, the result is a light system that weighs in around 112 grams. In other words, the system weighs just about a quarter-of-a-pound, and puts out more light than most cars' high beams. You might imagine that lighting this powerful puts off some serious heat, and you'd be right. That's why L&...

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