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Light & Motion Vis 360 Plus Light

item #LTM0087
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Light & Motion Vis 360 Plus Light
Light & Motion Vis 360 Plus Light description:
Light & Motion's Vis 360 Plus Light conveniently mounts to your helmet and offers an integrated front and rear lighting system to keep you visible from every direction. The Vis 360 casts a bright 250 lumens beam and features amber side-lights to ensure a 360 field of visible light. The Vis 360 uses a simple, snap-on system to attach to your helmet, and the front and rear lights use the same battery pack to ensure that you're always in sync. The Vis 360 runs on the high setting for 3 hours, the medium setting for twice as long, and the flash setting for up to 16 hours. The system uses a rechargeable Li-on battery that has a micro USB port which allows you to power-up through your computer or most phone chargers.

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