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Light & Motion Vis 360 Light

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Light & Motion Vis 360 Light
Light & Motion Vis 360 Light description:
Light and Motion polled regular commuters, both online and on the streets, in addition to dealers and sales reps to determine what would constitute a real world change to substantially improve commuter-specific bike lights. Most agreed; what we need is greater visibility. Their Vis 360 system does this, not necessarily with greater power, but by increasing your cone of visibility. In fact, you'll be seen from any angle as you ride. Before the Vis systems, smart bike commuters have used separate headlights and taillights. While this is a satisfactory setup, it doesn't necessarily make you visible from the side. Accident data tells us that most car/bike accidents occur at intersections, and not surprisingly, with cars turning into or across cyclist's paths as they thread their way through the intersection. Light and Motion made the Vis 360 system a better, safer option by incorporating both front and rear light together, using the same battery pack so you'll always know that you'll have ample juice for both lights. But what really makes it special is the inclusion of amber side lights. These side markers create a 360 field of visible light. The system is designed to be mounted on the helmet, as accident data also shows that cyclists are more visible to cars when the headlight is mounted on the helmet. From our experience, this is also preferable for performance reasons -- your light will point directly where you look. The Light and Motion Vis 360 mounts easily to any helmet with the lamp on front and taillight on back. It casts a bright, white 110 lumens so you'll see the path easily and be easily seen. It will run on the high setting for 2. 5 hours, the medium will get you twice that, and it will pulse on the flash setting for 14 hours. The rechargeable Li-ion battery has a micro USB port and can be charged on your computer or by most cell phone chargers. Total charge time is 4. 5 hours.

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