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Light & Motion Urban 900

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Light & Motion Urban 900
Light & Motion Urban 900 description:
In a world where cycling doesn't always happen under sunshine, where inclement conditions disregard our commuting schedules, where cold beer and hot foosball competition mean we occasionally lose track of time at social gatherings and are forced to ride home after dark, we often need a hero to see us through the dark. With illumination that rivals a car headlight, a weather-resistant construction, and features designed to promote 24/7 safety in the saddle, Light & Motion's Urban 900 Front Light is the hero we need for those dark times spent spinning in unfavorable conditions. Though the Urban 1000 produces 100 more watts, we find that the 900 is more than capable of keeping up with road rides in the dead of night, leading the way on our quests to get home or pedal to the corner store in search of more sudsy, hoppy sustenance. On day time commutes, the flashing mode helps draw attention rather than illuminating the road, and the amber side lights increase visibility by creating a 180-degree space of projected light. The amber color also recalls an automobile's running lights, so it's a form that we're used to seeing on the road and further establishes awareness of cyclists in the minds of motorists and other road users.

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