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Light & Motion Seca 1800 Race Light

item #LTM001D
Price: $349.99 Buy Light & Motion Seca 1800 Race Light
Light & Motion Seca 1800 Race Light
Light & Motion Seca 1800 Race Light description:
Nothing's worse than missing an obstacle and crashing mid-ride, which is why Light and Motion developed the Seca 1800 Race light. The custom optics diffuse the 4 LEDs so that the immediate front-and-center is lit and visible, but the the Race Light also penetrates further out in front, keeping your depth perception on point so you don't encounter any surprises while focusing on what's right in front of you. Couple that with a rechargeable battery (2. 5 hours to full), and a waterproof rating that goes up to one meter, and you have a cycling light that will go the distance alongside you, and fortunately for you, probably outlast you every time.

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