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Light & Motion Seca 2200 Race Light

item #LTM001C
Price: $399.99 Buy Light & Motion Seca 2200 Race Light
Light & Motion Seca 2200 Race Light
Light & Motion Seca 2200 Race Light description:
Riding home in the dark is never a good idea, so that's why Light and Motion made the The Seca 2200 Race Light. With a run time ranging between 1. 5-12 hours, depending on your luminance setting, the Race can go all night, but it will certainly get you home after underestimating that ridge-top singletrack you've been eyeing from your office. Hosting multiple best-in-class features, the Race is optimized to allow for full-trail visibility, harnessing its CREE LEDs to illuminate both the foreground and long range, so you're unlikely to miss anything (unless you're not paying attention).

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