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Light & Motion Seca 2200 Enduro Light

item #LTM001B
Price: $469.99 Buy Light & Motion Seca 2200 Enduro Light
Light & Motion Seca 2200 Enduro Light
Light & Motion Seca 2200 Enduro Light description:
The Seca 2200 Enduro Light is an ultra-powerful cycling headlight that combines best-in-house features to light up your next race or after-work singletrack. Utilizing an enhanced LED system that offers a full 2200 lumens to your ride, the Enduro is great for trail riding because it's optimized to highlight the ground directly in front of you and out in the distance. Plus, the Enduro has multiple settings with different expected battery times, ranging from full power at two and a half hours to a medium setting that last up to five hours. And luckily for you, a little precip won't rain on your parade, because the Enduro is waterproof up to 1 meter of depth; of course, swimming with it isn't recommended.

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