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Light & Motion Vis 360 Run Light

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Light & Motion Vis 360 Run Light
Light & Motion Vis 360 Run Light description:
Designed for runners to ensure ultimate 360-degree visibility, the Light & Motion Vis 360 Run Light won't just keep you safe, it'll keep you going, with up to 14 hours of run time in a 130 gram package. Lightweight dual front and rear LED lamps hang from an adjustable and comfortable head strap. The rear light has amber side lighting for true any-angle visibility, and it also houses the rechargeable batteries, whose indicator lights accurately indicate how much time is left before you'll need to recharge, which can be done from any USB port. Finally, the whole system is highly water resistant, so when you feel like heading out in the rain, you don't have to hesitate. The Light & Motion Vis 360 Run Light weights 130 grams, is impact-resistant, and is rechargeable via USB with a 5-hour charge time. It comes in the color scheme Brown Shugga, and the system's headband is replaceable.

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