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Lamson Litespeed Spool - Micra 5

item #LMS000T
Price: $150.95 Buy Lamson Litespeed Spool - Micra 5
Lamson Litespeed Spool - Micra 5
Lamson Litespeed Spool - Micra 5 description:
Because the Lamson Litespeed Micra 5 Spool is made with a high-end machined aluminum, you don't have to worry about these spools breaking on your anytime soon, but you will want a few of them on hand so you can pair your Micra 5 with every rod you own. After fishing with this ultralight reel, you'll have a hard time fishing with those heavy and clunky cast aluminum reels. Like the reel it's compatible with, this spare spool is made with a lightweight aluminum that balances well with lightweight graphite fly rods, and it's completed with Lamson's corrosion-resistant micralox finish to resist wear from heavy use and corrosive saltwater environments.

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