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Lamson Liquid Reel

item #LMS000G
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Lamson Liquid Reel
Lamson Liquid Reel description:
When Lamson went to its drawing board to design the Liquid Reel, it started from scratch, aiming to create the very best sub-$100 reel possible. Assembled right beside Lamson's highest-priced reels in Boise, Idaho, the Liquid utilizes the very best virtues and advantages of the die-casting process. What this makes for is things like full-radiused compound curves and near zero-radius inside corners, things that a machining process just can't do. And for a precise fit and finish after the casting process, Lamson went back and machined critical areas, amplifying the best aspects of both processes. The result is the kind of reel that will bring in fish year after year, that will create memories of days spent out on the water with family and friends, and that you'll be able to hand down to your kids some day, all in an affordable reel that won't break the bank. When it comes to quality and USA-sourced materials and assembly in relation to cost, you'll have a hard time matching the Liquid Reel.

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