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Louis Garneau Sally MIPS Helmet - Women's

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Price: $99.95 Buy Louis Garneau Sally MIPS Helmet - Women's
Louis Garneau Sally MIPS Helmet - Women's
Louis Garneau Sally MIPS Helmet - Women's description:
You'll forget the bulky, bobblehead-esque helmets of yesteryear the minute you slip into the slimmed-down protection of the Louis Garneau Women's Sally MIPS Helmet. Streamlined in fit and feel, the Sally MIPS Helmet is barely noticeable on the trail, which is a good thing, considering you'll be wearing it on multi-hour rides in the woods and all-day epics across mountain ranges. In-Mold technology keeps it both lightweight and durable, with 14 sculpted vents quickly evacuating excess warmth. Packing the latest MIPS technology, this helmet protects you from the multi-directional impacts you normally experience on the trail, instead of the head-on impacts traditional helmets protect your head from. MIPS places a low-friction, elastomeric liner that rotates independently around your head, helping to disperse impact forces. This technology is quickly becoming ubiquitous with mountain bike helmets, due to its benefits in the case of minor spills and high-speed impacts. The Sally MIPS stays put with its Spiderlock Pro MTB dial, which provides a micro-adjustable fit that wraps your head without painful pressure points. Its X-Static liner repels funky build-up, which is a great benefit when you're sweating profusely in warm weather. And because you'll be zipping past overhanging vegetation, the adjustable visor comes in handy for protecting your brow and forehead.

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