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Louis Garneau Gel EX Pro Glove

item #LGN00D8
Price: $29.95 Buy Louis Garneau Gel EX Pro Glove
Louis Garneau Gel EX Pro Glove
Louis Garneau Gel EX Pro Glove description:
The backs of Louis Garneau's Gel EX Pro Gloves are a fleece that's got a laminate that adds wind-blocking to its list of soft, thermal properties. Warm hands are a beautiful thing, but we also need something a bit beastlier when it comes to maintaining tacky grip on the bar and shift levers--especially with full-fingered gloves designed for chilly conditions. Amara, a synthetic leather, is that beast. Unlike most micro-fiber synthetics, Amara maintains the high-grip feel of a leather grain. The only places on the palms and inner fingers that isn't made of Amara are the index and thumb tips, which replace the material with thermos-conductive panels that keep you in touch with touchscreen devices.

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