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Louis Garneau Bigwill Gloves - Men's

item #LGN00D4
Price: $79.95 Buy Louis Garneau Bigwill Gloves - Men's
Louis Garneau Bigwill Gloves - Men's
Louis Garneau Bigwill Gloves - Men's description:
Designed to prevent your fingers from turning into icicles on cold-weather rides, the Louis Garneau Men's Bigwill Gloves offer protection from wind, rain and chilly temps while ensuring warmth and high levels of breathability. The breathable, tear-resistant Enertec softshell construction sheds light precipitation while allowing internal moisture to escape during the ride, and 200 grams of Polartec Alpha insulation delivers warmth for a cozy grip on the otherwise frozen handlebar. Then, the Aerogel palm insulation is ultra-thin and compression-resistant to maintain warm comfort and its ergo grip without sacrificing performance.

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