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Louis Garneau Competitive Cyclist Blast Glove

item #LGN00BR
Price: $32.95
Sale Price: $13.18
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Louis Garneau Competitive Cyclist Blast Glove
Louis Garneau Competitive Cyclist Blast Glove description:
Most of us spend a good deal of our time typing on keyboards and handheld devices during the week, so when we get on the bike on the weekends, hand and wrist discomfort is a pretty unwelcome addition to our ride. Investing in the right pair of gloves for the season can go a long way in keeping minor discomfort at bay while you're catching your breath on the hoods or settling in for an aggressive descent in the drops, and Louis Garneau's Competitive Cyclist Blast Gloves are a hardworking choice with classic aesthetics that will integrate cleanly with a variety of kit while reping some CC bling. Made with airy Power Mesh on the back of the hand for breathability and dexterity on the bars, the gloves feature AX Suede Cinco for sweat-proof grip and Biogel padding to absorb fatiguing road or trail vibrations that can result in numb, achy hands over time. A microfiber thumb helps pull moisture away from your skin on hot days, and a hook-and-loop closure ensures you'll be able to get the gloves on and off easily.

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