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Louis Garneau Keon Gloves

item #LGN00AX
Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $17.52
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Louis Garneau Keon Gloves
Louis Garneau Keon Gloves description:
While they're billed primarily as a lightweight cross-country glove, we think the Louis Garneau Keon Gloves transcend disciplines to serve as a perfect all-around glove choice for any rider who prefers full-finger gloves. Made from a mix of Amara and mesh fabrics with Louis Garneau's X-Vent ventilation and Ergo Air technology, these gloves are soft and durable while providing the breathability needed to fend off clammy palms. The pad-free palm provides impeccable trail feel by keeping hands in close contact to the bars. They're not as cushy as super padded options but, they'll keep you sharply in tune with what's happening under your bike. As an added bonus, tactile surfacing means you can leave your gloves on when using touchscreen devices.

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