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Louis Garneau Creek Glove

item #LGN00AQ
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Louis Garneau Creek Glove
Louis Garneau Creek Glove description:
A good pair of gloves is supposed to help with your dexterity, not hinder it, and the Louis Garneau Creek Gloves' streamlined shape manages to add protection and grip without compromising any of your range of motion. Unlike your hands, the Creek's Amara synthetic leather palms won't get slippery as you reach to shift desperately into your lowest gear on a sweaty climb, and the light padding along the palm will dampen fatiguing trail chatter. Garneau includes perforations and a lightweight spandex upper hand to help the gloves maintain breathability, and the hook-and-loop strap lets you fine-tune the fit so that you don't have to deal with bunching or slipping fabric.

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