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Louis Garneau Montello Pro Glove

item #LGN005Y
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $19.22
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Louis Garneau Montello Pro Glove
Louis Garneau Montello Pro Glove description:
Louis Garneau isn't generally associated with mountain biking, but it might be if it keeps turning out gear like the Montello Pro Glove. It's not a complicated piece, with a spandex and neoprene upper, Amara palm, and rubberized fingers, but it is eminently functional, with reinforcements in key areas, pre-shaped fingers, and compatibility with touchscreen devices. Garneau also incorporated Ergo Air, a ventilation design that's constructed to work best when you're gripping bars, so you stay cool even when you're pushing your ride through teeth-chattering tech sections.

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