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LEKI Jannu Trekking Poles - Women's

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LEKI Jannu Trekking Poles - Women's
LEKI Jannu Trekking Poles - Women's description:
Before embarking on your next backcountry sojourn, pack the Leki Women's Jannu Trekking Poles in the car to make sure you're prepared for thrilling alpine terrain. Made with high-tensile aluminu, the Jannu contributes an impressive strength-to-weight ration as your companion, lending traction and stability on steep trails and unpredictable scree fields without weighing you down on long days. With the Jannu's huge range of adjustability, you can make minor tweaks to the length until you get the size that feels right for the terrain. Plus, Leki uses smaller rubber grips that won't overwhelm more petite hands. Whether you're planning on searching for waterfalls amid lush landscapes in the Cascades or bagging peaks in the jagged Whites, the Jannu will keep you steady footed every step of the way.

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