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LEKI Cressida DSS Trekking Pole

item #LEK004D
Price: $159.95 Buy LEKI Cressida DSS Trekking Pole
LEKI Cressida DSS Trekking Pole
LEKI Cressida DSS Trekking Pole description:
Remember when you were first offered a peanut butter and pickle sandwich and you recoiled in disgust, but then you tried it and it was actually good' Well, hiking with the Leki Cressida DSS Trekking Pole is sort of like that, albeit significantly less gross sounding. This full-featured trekking pole is a real treat during steep and rocky descents thanks to its anti-shock mechanism that absorbs vibrations to help reduce fatigue on vulnerable knee joints, and the pole's equipped with a soft and comfortable foam grip to keep your hands comfortable when you really dig in during heart-pumping climbs. But if the thought of relying on two trekking poles to get you up and down the trail doesn't really gel with that rugged and stoic image you've worked so hard to cultivate, then rest assured that the Cressida's collapsible design will pack down to just 25 inches, so you can stash it in your pack when you see other hikers approaching.

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