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LEKI Journey Trekking Poles

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LEKI Journey Trekking Poles
LEKI Journey Trekking Poles description:
There's a long trail ahead, and it's full of rocks, roots, steep sections, and muddy spots, so bringing the Leki Journey Trekking Pole along for the trip is more of a necessity than a luxury. The Journey's sturdy aluminum shaft adjusts via two rugged Speed Lock clamps, so you can shrink it down to 67cm for travel and extend it all the way to 135cm for hiking. Meanwhile, the metal tip and trekking basket provide reliable, snag-free traction on slick trails, rocky slopes, and narrow alpine ridges. Leki designed both the PA Safety Soft rubber grip and Lock Security strap for all-day comfort, too, so you can eat up the miles and let the hours roll by without your hands getting as tired as your legs.

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