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LEKI Carbon Ti Trekking Poles

item #LEK003Z
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LEKI Carbon Ti Trekking Poles
LEKI Carbon Ti Trekking Poles description:
Leki's Carbon Ti Trekking Poles combine high strength with a light weight to keep you hiking comfortably for longer distances. Made in three parts, the lower carbon shafts keep the weight off for more comfort on long miles, and the aluminum upper shaft ensures the reliable strength you want when you're far away from home. The SpeedLock 2 adjustable system keeps each pole's length secure whether it's sized to your height or compactly stowed away in your backpack. Leki extended the slightly warm Aergon Thermo grip for more versatility on steep terrain. The Carbon Ti also features an textured strap for moisture-wicking comfort, performance trekking baskets, and a carbide tip that sticks to slippery stones.

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