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LEKI Corklite DSS Trekking Poles

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LEKI Corklite DSS Trekking Poles
LEKI Corklite DSS Trekking Poles description:
The Leki Corklite DSS Trekking Poles provide a stable, shock-absorbing platform for hikes up steep grades and backpacking trips. This upgraded version is based on Leki's legendary Corklite Pole, offering the same aluminum construction and Aergon Cor-Tec grip for an ergonomic feel in-hand. It collapses down to 26 inches for compact storage in your pack and includes a versatile trekking basket for three-season use. The Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) differentiates this pole from the original version, providing optimal shock absorption on the trail. DSS places an anti-shock mechanism at the bottom the pole, dissipating jarring impacts from fatiguing your hands and tiring your knees. Ultimately, it creates a smoother walking platform, especially when you're going down steep grades with abusive rocks and hard surfaces.

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