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Lezyne Micro Drive Rear Light

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Lezyne Micro Drive Rear Light
Lezyne Micro Drive Rear Light description:
If automotive, daytime running lights (DRL) were just a gimmick, they wouldn't have lasted a decade. In fact DRLs are a federal requirement because they've been proven to reduce accidents. So, with that being said, we weren't surprised to see that Lezyne's Micro Drive Rear Light features a daytime flash mode that kicks out 70 lumens for added safety during the day. However, that's not the extent of Micro Drive's features. Lezyne gave it a lightweight and durable, CNC machined aluminium body with side visibility ports and beam optimizing MOR Optics. An Intelligent Power Indicator button also allows you to easily check power reserves at any time. And when the juice is low, you can simply top the Micro Drive with its integrated USB stick for a cable-free recharging of the built in Li-ion battery. The Micro Drive uses a tool-free, snap-fit composite mounting system with a silicone strap. This system fits a wide range of seat post diameters, helmets, and bags. The light features a maximum nighttime lumen output of 30 lumens and a minimum of 5 lumens. There are two flash settings, one pulse, a low setting, and a solid stream. The light takes around 3 hours to achieve full recharge, and it has an operational charge ranging between 5 and 16 hours, depending on your settings. The Lezyne Micro Drive Rear Light is available in one size and in the colors Black/hi gloss and Polished/hi gloss.

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