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Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2 Pump

item #LED0120
Price: $99.99 Buy Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2 Pump
Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2 Pump
Lezyne Carbon Road Drive 2 Pump description:
With the Carbon Road Drive 2 Pump, Lezyne reimagines the long, frame-mounted pump bodies of yesterday in today's lightest material: carbon fiber. The result is 17mm in diameter and up to 283mm in length, making for less volume per stroke but less effort at high PSI compared to fatter, shorter models. The flexible hose means you don't have to maintain a perfect pump-to-valve angle while inflating, and the ABS bleeder valve and slip chuck mean it seats easily and securely on Presta valves and doesn't deflate your tire when you pull it off.

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